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The Meadows Center for Opportunity, Inc., is a valuable resource for more than 3,000 Oklahoma businesses, banks, educational institutions, medical facilities, and government agencies.  Offering data destruction, hard drive shredding, and other business services, the Meadows is a bonded organization with professional memberships and affiliations that allow our customers to trust that their sensitive information and business documents will be handled safely and securely.

  • Data Destruction – The Meadows shreds and destroys confidential data stored on a variety of media, including microfilm and microfiche, cassettes, magnetic tapes, plastic cards, audio and video cassettes, as well as paper documents.
  • Hard Drive Shredding – Secure disposal of old hard drives consists of more than simply erasing the existing hard drive.  At the Meadows, we physically destroy hard drives to prevent sensitive data from retrieval.
  • Pill Bottle Destruction – Medical information must be disposed of securely.  This includes not only electronic and paper medical records, but also the medical information included on pharmacy pill bottles.  The Meadows offers pill bottle destruction in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Other Services – In addition to data destruction, The Meadows Center for Opportunity, Inc., provides a number of other services to assist your business.
    • Quality Packaging
    • Parts Packaging
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Brochure Assembly
    • Manual Collation
    • Envelope Stuffing
    • Promotional Product Mailers


The Last Day

Michael Crawley - Monday, June 27, 2016

For twenty-four years Sharon’s beautiful daughter had been successfully employed at a sheltered workshop, but now that was coming to a heartbreaking end. Over the decades the two of them had always made time to sit down and have breakfast together, and this morning was no different. Usually they talked about what Patricia’s day would be like, but on this Friday her daughter sat silently picking at her food. They had known for over a month that this moment was coming, but now that it had finally arrived they were both overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, regret and a deep sense of anxiety about the future.  
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Michael Crawley - Saturday, June 11, 2016

When it comes to raising children with developmental disabilities, mothers receive well deserved attention for their parenting. They are considered the primary caregivers and nurturers. They interact with teachers, health professionals and case managers. They are always on the front lines advocating for their child’s rights, and they are vigilant concerning their health and safety. But although they may not receive the same amount of attention, fathers of children with intellectual challenges also play a crucial role in the life of their child.  
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Michael Crawley - Sunday, May 22, 2016

On a cool overcast Saturday morning in early March of 1983, Russell Lynwood was driving alone on a street he had been down countless times. He was familiar with each house he passed. He recognized certain vehicles in the driveways, and he knew which families kept their yards the neatest. Russell was in no particular hurry. He was just running over to the local hardware store to see about buying some parts to repair a leaky faucet. But what he thought would be a simple errand was going to turn out to be an unthinkable event that would change the rest of his life. 
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Michael Crawley - Sunday, May 08, 2016

It is a fact that all human beings must have hope. Being hopeful promotes good health. It benefits us physically, psychologically and emotionally. It is intellectually stimulating to have positive expectations for your life. It is important to be able to face the future without fear. Having hope gives us a sense of well-being about ourselves and our families. It is a feeling that life can be more. It’s an expectation that things do not have to remain the same. Hope represents possibility. It is the promise of something better. It is the belief that situations or conditions will improve. 
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Employment Choice

Michael Crawley - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In recent years there has been a concerted effort, which is long overdue, to ensure that people with developmental disabilities are given every opportunity for full inclusion in all areas of society, including employment. There is now legislation being put in place which stresses that individuals with intellectual challenges must have more choices in their employment options. We certainly agree that is a desirable outcome. 
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A Gift

Michael Crawley - Saturday, April 09, 2016

The frail elderly woman sat in her favorite chair next to the window. Shafts of sunlight streamed in as her eighty-three year old hands lovingly sewed her latest baby quilt. Joan had been making them for almost sixty years now, and as long as she was physically able to keep putting together the beautiful colors and patterns she did not intend to stop.  
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Michael Crawley - Sunday, March 27, 2016

I have been writing this blog for almost three years now. During that time I have tried, with only a few exceptions, not to focus on myself. We have so many people, particularly our employees and their families, that provide such wonderful ideas and material to work with that there is always an abundance of interesting topics to explore. But just this once I want to explain how thankful I feel to be working at the Meadows. 
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The Teachers

Michael Crawley - Sunday, March 13, 2016

Because the Meadows is a vocational setting, our focus is on training people with developmental disabilities to provide them with the job skills they need to be successful. However, because of the complex needs of the individuals we work with, it is impossible not to connect with them on a much deeper level. And it is that rich interaction that allows us to see life from their perspective and to understand that perhaps the way they see the world is a beautiful lesson in being human.    
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The Only Life

Michael Crawley - Sunday, February 21, 2016

A petite woman named Caroline sat alone against the back wall of the large room. The party was in full swing, but no one came near her. In fact people rarely even glanced in her direction. It was as if she was invisible. Everyone else was talking and laughing, engaged in animated conversations. There was music playing and couples were dancing. On the far side of the room there were several long tables covered with a wide variety of refreshments and people were eagerly filling their plates. But Caroline remained completely alone sitting in the new dress she had bought the week before.   
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Lights In The Darkness

Michael Crawley - Sunday, February 07, 2016

Someone I did not know has died. So why does it matter to me? 
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