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Mobile Shredding
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The Meadows Center for Opportunity - Commercial Paper Shredder

If you are looking for a paper shredding company in Oklahoma City, OK, contact the Meadows Center for Opportunity. We stand out from the competition by offering the most efficient solutions at the lowest prices.You can depend on us for fast, eco-friendly paper shredding and data destruction services. Contact us today to arrange plant-based or mobile paper shredding in Oklahoma City.For your convenience, we provide plant-based and mobile shredding services in Oklahoma City, OK. Instead of transporting heavy boxes of documents to another location for shredding, we can come to you. You may also arrange to drop your documents off at our location, where we offer plant-based shredding.

Oklahoma's secure and Reliable


  • Statewide Service - Reaching Businesses all Across Oklahoma
  • Secure Process Guarantees Your Data Is Safeguarded from Receipt To Destruction
  • Data Destruction Certificates Issued To All Customers When Your Job Is Complete
  • Eco Friendly Service Is Great For The Environment
Unlike many of our competitors, The Meadows DOES NOT add fuel surcharges to our data destruction fees.

Save Time with Residential and Commercial Paper Shredding

Whether you need a residential or commercial paper shredder in Oklahoma City, we have you covered. At Meadows Center for Opportunity, we shred documents for individuals and businesses. Safely destroy sensitive documents from your home or office.

Here are some of the advantages of using secure document shredding in Oklahoma City, OK:

  • Legal compliance
  • Identity theft protection
  • Boost productivity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient
  • Save money

The Data Protection Act and other state and federal regulations require proper handling of sensitive documents. Depending on the type of documents you need to discard, shredding them may be necessary to comply with laws and regulations.

Professional shredding also helps ensure that sensitive data is destroyed before it can get into the hands of malicious individuals. You can protect against identity theft.

Paper shredding also saves time and money, which may help boost productivity in the workplace. Along with the convenience of paper shredding services, you can enjoy a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of old documents.

Call now for the best prices on paper shredding services in Oklahoma City, OK.

Data Destruction Services in Oklahoma City

Document shredding in Oklahoma City, OK, is just one area where you can help streamline your business processes. We offer various related business services, including data and brutal drive destruction.

Do not toss old hard drives. Allow us to safely and securely destroy hard drives rather than risking someone else obtaining your sensitive data.

About the Meadows Center for Opportunity


Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, the Meadows Center for Opportunity is a non-profit corporation serving a dual purpose in the community as a Sheltered Workshop providing data destruction and other business services to more than 3,000 organizations and businesses across Oklahoma.

As an Oklahoma Sheltered Workshop, the Meadows provides controlled employment and training services to those with developmental disabilities and permanent brain damage as a result of trauma injuries.  These individuals work in a sheltered environment along with other workers who have similar developmental disabilities.  Our mission is to provide each person the training and opportunity necessary for that person to realize his or her maximum employment productivity.

Our customers in the business, banking, medical, government, and educational fields rely on the Meadows to destroy sensitive and confidential information through secure data destruction, hard drive and e-media shredding.  We also offer additional business services, such as packaging, shrink wrapping, manual collation, brochure assembly, and more.  Unlike many of our competitors, the Meadows does not add fuel charges to our data destruction fees, and we pride ourselves on a commitment to the environment that includes eco-friendly recycling of shredded documents.

Job Training for Those with Disabilities

At Meadows Center for Opportunity, we do more than shred paper and destroy hard drives. We also provide guidance and training for job seekers with disabilities.

Our non-profit organization has helped adults with developmental disabilities obtain employment for the past four decades.

Contact us today to discuss our services.