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How To Apply

To apply for work at the Meadows, please complete the steps below.

  1. Please verify the applicant meets eligibility requirements.
    You can find these requirements on the OK DHS website at:        
  1. Complete the DDSD Application (if needed).
    The form can be filled in online and printed, or you may print it and fill it in by hand.
    Mail the completed form to:

    Oklahoma Human Services
    2400 N. Lincoln Blvd.
    Oklahoma City, OK  73105
  1. Print and fill in the Meadows Worker Application form and mail to:

    The Meadows Center for Opportunity, Inc.,
    1000 S. Kelly Ave.
    Edmond, OK  73003

Other items to be submitted for employment consideration:

  1. Current psychological assessment (within past five (5) years for private or state funded services; if individual is going to be receiving waiver services, DDSD will require a psychological assessment to be done within the last year).
  2. Written authorization, i.e.; Notice of Action Form, Notice of Authorization Form, from DHS-DDSD Admin. Services and/or Oklahoma Health Care Authority defining the type of services that The Meadows will be reimbursed.
  3. A current medical assessment (within the last yr.).
  4. OSBI background check (Meadows will obtain this).
  5. Guardianship papers, if applicable.
  6. Any other assessments/information applicable

If you should have any questions or need assistance with the qualification process or application,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.