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Hard Drive Shredding


Traditional methods of disposing of electronic data have fallen short of providing 100% security and confidentiality.  Destruction software and hard drive erasers delete files, but leave electronic data intact.  The only way to completely eliminate the electronic information stored on a hard drive is to physically destroy the hard drive. At the Meadows, we have been proactive in our commitment to keeping your data secure by providing irrecoverable, physical destruction of electronic media through our hard drive shredding services.

When a hard drive is erased, files and directories are deleted, but actual data remains.  This data can be retrieved using readily available software, leaving confidential information believed to be destroyed vulnerable to identity theft, intellectual property theft, and other violations of privacy and confidentiality.  The Meadows’ data destruction services include hard drive shredding—the physical destruction of the hard drive and the secure disposal of remaining particles.

Data destruction and “shredding” often deals with paper-based materials, including legal contracts, payroll stubs, and proprietary data.   However, we live in an increasingly paperless society, and most important confidential data is stored electronically.  The Meadows provides complete security through absolute physical destruction of confidential information in all of its incarnations, including no only paper documents, but also hard drives, back-up tapes, and storage media.