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Paper Shredding


When you need sensitive and confidential paper documents and files destroyed, the Meadows Center for Opportunity is your Oklahoma resource for paper shredding services. By shredding sensitive documents at the Meadows, you protect your customers and employees from identity theft, prevent confidential business data from being leaked to competitors, and ensure that your company meets privacy laws such as HIPAA requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering convenience and security for our customers, and we are committed to sound ecological practices through the recycling of shredded paper.


  • We can pick up your data for destruction, or you may drop it off at our Edmond, Oklahoma, location.
  • No sorting is necessary, and you do not need to remove folders, notebooks, paper clips, or staples. Our team of workers sorts for you.


  • All data and documents are kept in latched and locked bins until destruction.  Trucks are locked securely at all times except when loading or unloading.
  • After paper shredding, we issue our customers certification of data destruction, providing a legal audit trail and giving verification of destruction of materials.
  • The Meadows conducts internal security checks, with data destruction and paper shredding monitored by closed circuit security cameras.
  • Our employees are subject to OSBI background checks and random drug testing.
  • The Meadows has media/data liability for a half million dollars. Data is guaranteed not to be read, is shredded and refuse is returned to paper products.

Environmentally Friendly

  • After paper is shredded, it is baled into 1,500-1,700 pound bales.  These bales are shipped to recycling facilities to be reduced to pulp and recycled into home paper goods.
  • Each ton of paper we recycle saves approximately 7,000 gallons of water; 17-31 trees; 4,000 KWh of electricity; and 60 pounds of air pollutants.

Learn more about our paper shredding and data destruction process.