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Mobile Shredding
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Your employees deposit confidential material into locked security containers provided by The Meadows.

Will I have a key to the container?

Yes, we will also provide a key in case you need to retrieve materials already deposited into the container.

What types of containers can I choose?

The Meadows has two(2) shredding containers to choose from (shown below), the most popular being the executive console and the 96-gallon container.

Executive Container
96 Gallon Bin


A uniformed, vetted and bonded Meadows shredding technician and an assistant arrives to transport the locked containers to our mobile shredding truck, which is parked at your site.

Do I need to escort your staff member to each container?

That is entirely up to your office’s protocol, we can accommodate most scenarios. Our teams are trained to be secure, professional, and non-disruptive.


Each container is placed into the shredding truck’s bin-lift tunnel. Your material is shredded in minutes. For peace of mind, you are invited to witness the destruction of your material via our onboard color video monitor.

How long does the shredding take?

We operate a state-of-the-artmobile shred truck manufactured by Shred-Tech that is designed to be secure and efficient – in other words, it is FAST! It takes 4 minutes to shred 300 lbs. or paper, which is the equivalent to about 8 file boxes.


Before leaving your area facility, The Meadows shredding technician will provide a Certificate of Destruction certifying the complete and secure destruction of your information.

How do you handle billing?

The Meadows will email you an Invoice that allows you to pay with a credit card (phone) or you may mail a check.


(Recycling Symbol) The Meadows delivers all shredded material to domestic mills for pulping and recycling, protecting the environment as well as your business. We recycle 100% of the paper and media we shred.

Do I need to take out staples, paper clips, binder clips, or envelopes?

There is no need to remove those items – because we recycle everything we shred; however, we do have to avoid certain items such as 3-ringbinders, other metals or CDs . . . those must be handled separately.

Have a question about what can and cannot be shredded? Just call or email!

Our document shredding process is second to none. Call The Meadows today for a free, no-obligation estimate on service!