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A Business Overview

February 13, 2023

The mission of The Meadows has remained unchanged for the last four decades. We provide employment and vocational training for men and women with disabilities. This includes individuals with intellectual and physical challenges.

Fortunately, our ability to offer these jobs is the result of our successful business model. The main focus of our organization is secure data destruction. With 2,500 customers statewide, we shred and recycle four million pounds of documents annually.

We deliver the highest quality service possible, and in return, our customers reward us with their loyalty. We pride ourselves on not only being reliable but on being willing to go the extra mile. That is critically important because the relationships we foster with those we serve are based on trust. They depend on us to protect the confidentiality of their material, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding all their expectations.

As with any business, word of mouth is crucial to maintaining our success. We are always grateful when people spread the word about the positive experiences they have had with our company. Testimonials, recommendations, and positive reviews are powerful forms of advertising that we sincerely appreciate.

But, of course, we do not have the luxury of becoming complacent because of our past performance. It is imperative that we keep pushing forward as we strive for improvement.

The Meadows is in a highly competitive field that requires us to consistently update and expand our capabilities. The business climate changes frequently as technology becomes more prevalent and automation increases in the workplace.

However, because of the hands-on nature of our work, we believe that we will always be able to provide meaningful employment to adults with challenges. Another reason we are confident we can offer long-term jobs is that the shredding of documents is not outsourced. When security is a primary concern, there is considerably less risk when sensitive information is transported within the shortest possible distance.

Looking forward, we see many opportunities that we will be able to capitalize on. In the coming months, we will be purchasing machinery, equipment, and vehicles and adding personnel that will enable us to take our shredding capacity to another level. This will give us the chance to better serve our existing clientele while allowing us to increase our customer base.

We are excited about the future of our organization. Because of our financial stability and flexible business plan, we believe we’re prepared to meet whatever challenges we might face and to weather the economic ups and downs that all companies are subjected to.

But ultimately, the men and women we are privileged to work alongside will guide us in the years ahead. Every decision we implement will be to ensure their personal success, and consequently, everything we accomplish will be the result of their efforts.

Each day these individuals prove beyond any doubt that people with disabilities can not only be productive but can also thrive in a vocational setting.

It is for them that our staff, management, and board of directors will do everything in our power to create the bright future they deserve.