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A New Decade of Service

January 7, 2020

Although there is much debate over whether 2020 or 2021 is the start of the next decade, for our purposes, we are going to look out over the next ten years starting January 1, 2020.

As the calendar changes, it is the perfect time to reflect on the future of the Meadows. Although long-range planning is always subject to change when difficulties and unexpected situations arise, we believe that being prepared and remaining flexible will allow us to traverse the ups and downs of common economic cycles.

Since our organization’s inception in 1983, our growth has, thankfully, been steadily on the rise. We certainly expect that to continue, and we look forward to the next ten years with both hope and confidence.

The need for our shredding business continues to grow and because we provide excellent service at an affordable price, we expect to not only maintain our share of that market but to also increase it.

But the importance of the Meadows is measured by far more important criteria than numbers on a financial statement. As a non-profit, we are focused at all times on having a positive impact, and we believe in the coming decade the Meadows will be of service in three specific areas.

  • We will continue our mission of offering meaningful employment and vocational training to men and women with developmental disabilities. Throughout our history, we have provided jobs for these deserving adults, and that is not going to change. We are proud of our employees who’ve worked so hard to reach their potential, and we appreciate the support their families have shown for the Meadows. These families are partners with us in every sense of the word, and we would not enjoy the success we’ve achieved without them.

  • We will continue to meet the needs of our customers around the state. Their loyal support over the years has made it possible for us to grow our business and develop a reputation for quality and dependability. We believe the coming decade will present the Meadows with additional opportunities to deliver secure data destruction to an even broader range of businesses and organizations who need a company they can trust to provide fast, efficient service at an affordable cost.

  • We will continue to honor our responsibility to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. We have always set an example for the employment of individuals with intellectual and physical challenges. When the public comes into our facility, or when they interact with our employees who come to their places of business to pick up data for shredding, they witness firsthand the work ethic of our employees. They see what these individuals are capable of, and it is that kind of positive experience that changes opinions and opens minds.

Obviously, the decade ahead will hold difficult challenges, many of them unforeseen at this time. However, the Meadows is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities as they develop and to overcome any challenges that may occur.

Our strength is, first and foremost, the incredible men and women we are privileged to employ. It is their desire to excel that allows our business to thrive. Additionally, our dedicated staff is committed to the success of our organization. They work alongside our employees offering support and always striving to achieve the best possible results in our business endeavors.

Behind the scenes, we are fortunate to be blessed with a gifted management team and an experienced board of directors. Their passion for the mission of the Meadows will continue to guide our organization through the day to day operations that ultimately make the difference between success or failure.

For all of these reasons, we believe the coming decade will be one of prosperity and accomplishment. We look forward to tackling the challenges that we know will come because we have complete confidence in our team.

You are invited to follow along and stay engaged with us. Our non-profit depends on the support of caring people who believe in what our organization represents and the principals we stand for.

We wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!