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The Business of Trust

February 18, 2020

In the business world, long-term success can be elusive, but the Meadows has been able to achieve it because of just one word: TRUST.

Those five letters have been our guide for the past thirty-seven years, and they will remain our objective going forward. Because in the same way that trust is critical in personal relationships, it is also crucial in business relationships.

The true importance of trust can be measured by the fact that it is not freely given. It has to be earned every day. In our case, it’s the result of being honest, reliable, and dependable. In every situation, we consistently do our best to meet or exceed all expectations.

Of course, in any business relationship, it takes time to establish a bond of mutual respect. On the other hand, a breach of trust can happen in an instant. That is why we remain ever vigilant in our efforts to deserve the trust that is placed in us. 

As you may know, our nonprofit employs men and women with developmental disabilities. Hiring these individuals is why our organization was created. It has always been and will continue to be our mission to provide meaningful employment for people who deserve the opportunity to reach their potential in life.

But as we carry out that mission, it is necessary for us to generate revenue. Because we receive a minimum of financial support from the state and federal government, it is imperative that we provide a service that companies, organizations, and individuals need and value.

In our case, data destruction is the core of our business. Currently, more than 3000 customers statewide depend on the Meadows to destroy their sensitive material. Our secure process guarantees that all data is safe-guarded from receipt to destruction. The shredded paper is then recycled making the entire process eco-friendly.

However, being successful in this particular area of commerce is contingent on having the trust of those we do business with. Our ability to maintain such a large and diverse customer base is the direct result of the level of security we provide. The Meadows offers protection that is vital when dealing with confidential material. Government offices, medical facilities, commercial banks, educational institutions and many types of organizations choose to utilize our services.

Obviously, there is competition in this market. But, ultimately, our customers continue to use us for their shredding needs because they know that protecting their sensitive information is always our number one priority.

But our commitment to being trustworthy is not exclusive to the way we do business. That same level of trust exists with the men and women we employ. Beyond the intellectual, physical, and emotional challenges they live with, many have additional complex health issues that require constant monitoring to ensure their personal safety and well-being at all times. That is a level of trust that requires us to accept even greater responsibility.

For many of our employees, this is the first job they’ve ever had - which means it’s a new experience for their families as well. Although it is not easy for them to let go, each weekday, parents, siblings, and guardians place tremendous trust in us to care for their loved ones.

That is why, for the benefit of our customers and our workers, we have endeavored, with resolve and purpose, to develop a reputation throughout the state for an uncompromising focus on quality, customer service and, most importantly, people.

From the way we conduct business, to the way we support the incredible men and women we proudly employ, all of our relationships are all built on a solid foundation of trust.

Whether you are an individual, organization, or a business, we hope that if you ever need secure data destruction, you will consider giving the Meadows the chance to earn your trust.