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The Year Ahead

December 26, 2017

A new year is a time to not only reflect on what has been - but to also anticipate what could lie ahead.

Here at the Meadows, we believe our future looks secure. However, just like every other business, we will face challenges during the next twelve months. But, thankfully, our Board of Directors and management team have been vigilant in preparing to meet them.

First and foremost is the issue of state funding. With the Oklahoma budget crisis still unresolved, we cannot count on that source of income over the entire year. Although it is our hope that legislators will somehow find the courage to support men and women with developmental disabilities, at this time, we cannot be certain about their intentions.

But despite that particular financial issue, 2018 looks hopeful. Our business remains strong because our organization has an established reputation for integrity that has allowed us to maintain long-term relationships with our large customer base even as new partners come on board to utilize our services.

Without their loyal support, we would not be able to employ as many men and women as we do. Their willingness to do business with us is a testament to their belief that there is merit and worth in what the Meadows stands for. Our sincere appreciation for the commitment of our customers cannot be overstated.

Our annual Walk-A-Thon fundraiser in October was a tremendous success, raising over $62,500.00. That money will be used to purchase a new forklift and for repairs to our facility and other equipment as needed. The compassion of our sponsors including individuals, families, businesses, and corporations was astounding.

Another example of generosity and goodwill was recently demonstrated by the W. J. Jones Family Foundation. They make grants to deserving nonprofits, and two weeks ago they presented the Meadows with a check for $20,000.00.

We are humbled by the faith that has been placed in our organization, and we are truly grateful for the financial support we consistently receive from the community.

Obviously, we cannot predict what the future holds, but we do believe that our organization is well positioned to capitalize on good economic news as well as being prepared to withstand any additional downturns.

However, being a nonprofit means our focus is on something far more important than just the bottom line.

In good times and in bad, our mission remains the same; to provide supported employment for individuals who deserve the opportunity to experience the sense of satisfaction that comes with having a job.

The men and women with disabilities that we are blessed to work with are the reason the Meadows exists. We are here to serve them.

During the next twelve months, we look forward to assisting these amazing adults in maximizing their strengths while giving them the chance to develop new vocational skills that will be of value to them for the rest of their lives.

As 2018 grows near, we hope that everyone connected with the Meadows has a safe and prosperous new year, and we offer our sincere thanks for your ongoing support of our efforts to provide meaningful employment to men and women intellectual and physical challenges.